Saturday, February 7, 2009

10 Things W and I Have In Common

1. Great hair
2. Making snakes is our favorite thing to do with playdough
3. We both voted for Bush in '04
4. We both have an amazing capacitization for creating words on the spot when a suitable one doesn't exist.
5. We are both left handed (unverified)
6. We are both our parents favorite
7. Unicorns
8. Neither one of us made Valerie Plame's christmas card list
9. We both think the U.N. is a stupid waste of taxpayers dollars going to a bunch of ungrateful nations who would just as soon step over our dead bodies as lift a finger to help themselves
10. We don't mess with Texas
11. We think guns make nice gifts
12. We believe in UFO's and know the Air Force keeps lying about them
13. We both use the word "neato" 
14. We think terrorists should die, preferably a horrible death if there's a choice
15. We both speak spanish, he speaks it fluently, I speak it at Taco Bell and other fine Mexican Restaurants


Pillage said...

This had no comments so I felt bad and added one

Kim Cotterman said...

Um. That's 15, not 10.

Genuis said...

Pillage, that's called a pity post.

Kim, you say potato I say potato.