Friday, February 6, 2009

Give the Girl a Break, Numbers are Hard!

I know a lot has been made about Nancy Pelosi's number gaff , the one where she passionately states that if congress doesn't pass the stimulus package 500 million Americans will lose their jobs every month. Okay, so obviously Ms. Pelosi hasn't seen the most recent U.S. census data. That's not the point. Numbers are hard. They are everywhere. Sometimes there is more than one of them, like 34. I mean, we're expected to remember all kinds of things, like phone numbers, street addresses, our mother's birthday, the number of kids we have. It's madness the amount of numbers we are forcibly forced to memorize. So in Ms. Pelosi's defense, she really can't be expected to keep track of large numbers. A staffer should probably be hired to do that kind of thing. A number keeper tracker ofer. That way she can focus on important things like improving the congressional approval rating. Ooops, wait that's a number too. Which would explain why she hasn't managed that one well either. Ok, she should just stay away from numbers. That's the safest thing for her and the 500 million Americans who just lost their jobs.

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