Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why Running is Awesome

  1. If you're fat it makes you not fat.
  2. You can run by people who are walking and know you're better than they are.
  3. If you are being chased by a lion, you'll probably still die, but you'll last a lot longer than the guy who was walking.
  4. You get to annoy people with boring stories about how many miles you ran over the weekend and how sore your muscles are.  Co-workers love to hear that kind of stuff.
  5. It's impressive to turn down an invitation somewhere because you have to go run.
  6. Firm butt.
  7. People will automatically think more highly of you, not like that tool down the hall who bowls.
  8. Running is also an emergency procedure.  Ex:  You're being chased, which skill do you want honed?  Running, or Badminton?  
  9. You look cool listening to your IPOD while you run.
  10. Firm butt.


RedHorse said...

Running is Awesome
- You can see more stuff faster then walkers...unless you are on a treadmill, walkers win that one.

Kim Cotterman said...

You can justify buying new shoes more often because of all the running you do.

Pillage said...

Two reasons running blows: 1) If your fat you have missed the boat, so have another piece of pie fatty. 2) No one, I repeat NO ONE cares about the half-marathon you ran last week or the one you are going to run so stuff another low fat high carb fiber bar in your mouth and hit the road skinny.

Genuis said...

Pillage. You're jealous because you're old and all that "special forces" crap you do for a living has ruined your knees and you couldn't run to save your life. But you're probably right about most of it.

Pillage said...

Genuis. How come when I type in your handle I get a red line under it as if it were spelled wrong, what you think your smarter than Bill Gates and his spell checkers or what. Oh and there is no jealousy issues, its obvious when the fight or flight response kicks in, which one you choose, I choose a 5.56 response.