Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheatin' Chinese

China stole terabytes (that's like a whole lot) of Joint Strike Fighter code off Lockheed Martin servers recently. The Chinese deny it was them, of course they're lying. Every one knows they want really cool military stuff like us. They whine about it daily in the news, and every time they try to build something on their own it sucks, so naturally they resort to stealing. I think I'd respect them a microscopic amount more if they just admit they're thieves.

U.S.: We know you stole our Joint Strike Fighter info, be a man, admit it.

China: We stole nothing. You wrong. Maybe it North Korea. Kim Jong Il hate you.

U.S.: We know it was you. Our techs traced it back to you.

China: Impossible! We are untraceable!

U.S.: So you admit you stole our stuff?

China: We admit nothing! North Korea did it.

U.S.: Right, it was you.

In a related story China has launched a massive international IT hiring campaign.

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Pillage said...

You want FLied Lies with that?