Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Robot Takeover, Not likely

Scientists are saying that robots are getting more humanlike every day and that the gap between humans and robots is narrowing. The line between bot and body is getting blurry. What started out as a creepy way for lonely Japanese men to get girls has now turned into a real growth industry. If there's a need, there's probably a robot that can meet it, and if not, be sure some sad robotics enginerd wearing a "Baltar for President" tee shirt is working on it. I can appreciate that robots are getting more life-like in manner but I heartily disagree with the idea that they will ever take our place. First and only reason, Asimov's three laws of robotics. Asimov in his brilliantism could foresee a day when robots might try to take over, so he created three laws to stop any possibility of a robot plot to destroy us. So far it's working. No robot takeovers. Also, if they're so smart and human-like why is this robot answering a banana?
Silly robot.

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