Monday, April 13, 2009

Pakistan's Implosion

Pakistan has only a few months to live before it implodes and becomes the mother of all rogue states. Which I thought had already happened. So the shock didn't come until I read the Obama solution, or Obamalution, should this disaster actually occur. The answer, build a regional compact with Russia, Iran, and China. I know!!! Hmmmm.... let's see, what are, "Three countries who publicly hate us?" This plan was obviously contrived during a bad case of ganoobies. Then I read that pot growth is up 60% this year. Ah ha, now it makes sense. Foreign policy decisions are clearly being made while smoking the happy stick. Why else would anyone come up with a plan to invite Russia, China, and Iran for a cuddle fest? I wonder what the invitation will look like......

Get Ready For Slumber Fun!!!

You are cordially invited to a very special foreign policy party, hosted by the U.S. It's sure to be a fun filled evening of facials, tickle fights (not too hard Iran, remember fun means not killing),

and terrorist talks.

Bring your favorite slippers as we prepare to prevent the meltdown of Pakistan!

You are welcome to bring one military adviser to the event, as space in the President’s suite at the Intercon Cairo is limited.

As requested, pony rides will be available.

Hope to see you there!


Kim Cotterman said...

I wasn't sure but I see that you are offering pony rides. Will everyone get a ride on the ponies? Will all the ponies be the same color, height, muscle build? I feel like China always gets the bigger pony, I just want to make sure we are being fair.

Genuis said...

You will get a small quarter horse for Medeved and a lap dog for Putin as he is allergic to pony rides.