Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm still trying to wrap my brain around a personalized IPod as an official gift of state to the Queen of England.  That's just dumb.  Condoleeza Rice played Brahms on the piano with members of the London Symphony Orchestra as a going away gift.  That's impressive.  An IPod is not. It's not original and you run the risk of all the other unoriginal foreign important people giving her the same thing.  Except for France.  Sarkozy probably just returns stuff they stole during the Norman invasion.  Think about it, he's already got a bunch of junk France stole from England over the last millennia, also he doesn't have to think about what to get her, he just goes to his Stuff We Nicked From England closet, blindly grabs whatever, throws some pretty paper on it and voila! Killer gift you are guaranteed she'll love.  I bet the Queen, because she's a classy lady has the decency to act surprised.  "How absolutely lovely!  Look Phillip, it's the original Van Dyck that use to hang over the fireplace in the blue nursery now being occupied by a giant rectangular outline of the original Van Dyck that use to hang there.  My dearest Nick, how ever did you know I wanted one?"  

Back to the IPod frippery. Now, if Obama really wanted to impress her with his techno-savvy sensibility he should have given her something really cool like the alien spacecraft from Roswell.  That's unique and I'm pretty sure no one else is gonna have one.  Or how about something just plain useful like a day at the Red Door Spa.  No woman, queen or not, is gonna pass that up.  Besides I think lunch is included and on a budget, like we are, that ain't not bad. 


Kim Cotterman said...

I'd hate to be one of Obama's kids...he gives the worst gifts.

I bet Sasha and Malia don't believe in Santa and he didn't get them a dog like he promised if he became POTUS. Instead, they got a swing set...grrrreat, dead wood is so much better than a snuggly dog.

Genuis said...

Obama won't get a dog because he doesn't want to invite the comparison between something warm and snuggly and him.