Friday, April 10, 2009

Socialism, it's what Hitler tried....

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, only 53% of 1000 Americans polled prefer capitalism to socialism. It got me thinking, maybe that's because the other 47% don't know what socialism really is. They may not be aware that it was exactly what Hitler tried back in the 1930's. Look how stunningly successful that turned out. That in mind, I thought it might be helpful to those 470 individuals whose answer is more scary than anything else, to educate them on precisely what socialism is not.

1. Socialism is not warm puppies licking your face.
2. Socialism is not Obama dressed as Santa paying your mortgage.. (not yet, anyway).
3. Socialism is not a land of ponies. Ponies die in socialism because it makes them sad.
4. It's not being able to buy anything you worked really hard for ever again. You now get to work really hard and not be able to buy anything. See how fun that is.
5. It's not having a say in how your government is run. You are too stupid to draw your name in the mud with a stick, let alone run the government. Don't embarrass yourself by trying.
6. Socialism is not every child receiving a better education. (pause for laugh) Your child will now receive less education for more money. As if that were even possible.
7. Socialism is not everyone having the opportunity to succeed. No one gets to succeed. That's what makes it so fair.
8. Socialism is not every man is equal. No, you are now on the same level as sea cucumbers and redwood trees, a.k.a. the environment. There is a lottery held every year to see which one of you will go.


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