Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lifeboat, The Fun Game Where Only One Survives, It Could Be You!

Former First Lady, Senator from New York, now Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton stated Thursday the lifeboat the pirates are holding the U.S. captain hostage on has run out of gas. It is now apparently adrift on the high seas. Sec. Clinton was questioned about U.S. plans to proceed and responded, "We are encouraged by this turn of events, it demonstrates our strategy is working." When asked what strategy she was referring to, Sec. Clinton said, "The strategy involving a complex series of waiting and hoping. We are encouraged to see they have run out of gas, it's movement in the right direction. At this point, we are just waiting for people to start evaporating." She added, "We are not going to be like the previous administration, confronting problems quickly, we are going to be thoughtful and patient before we make any firm decisions. Our polling data tells us that the majority of our global community will be most comfortable with any decision to confront the pirates when people start to evaporate. So that is how we will proceed."

On her way to meet with the Australian defense secretary, Clinton declined to answer any more questions before hopping on her broomstick and taking flight.

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